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Friday, December 9, 2011

~ LisA SurihanI ~

assalamualaikum! hai all beloved readers and not forget to my stalkers! hahahahhh.. ksian stalkers,,kene perli lagi!! hikhikhik.. :>

btw,,td trbaca updated status LISA SURIHANI !!! dia kata dia ada kt pavi esok!! kebetulannn!! aku ngn kak efa pon nak p area bukit bintang esok!! ada hal sket..hope dpat meet her!!seriously!!'im deadly in love with you!!' hahahhaha.. not that kind of 'love' laaa... i love your acting,,i love your cute face,,i love when you wear any outfit cuz they will always looks nice when you wear them!! i love your attitude and the most that i love about you is your "rRrRrRrrrrrr"! its sounds like,,you know...hahahhaha..okay conclude that i love every single thing about you!! <3 <3 <3 !

first tyme tngok lisa dlm iklan lip ice! :D

dia pakai apa pun cantikkk!! 

she looks verrrrrrrrry pretty,,gorgeous and smue lahh! suka gila dia pkai dress ni!! <3

okayyy!!nmpak tak gmbar gmbar lisa surihani tuuu??ya Allah!!indahnya ciptaanMu!!!subhanallah!!aku adore gila kt dia ni kayh!!xthu nk ckp mcm mane dahh!!hahahah..ok lah..thats all..have a nice day!!*hopedapatjumpadiaesok!*bye guyzzzzz..assalamualaikum!! :D

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