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Thursday, December 8, 2011

~ qwertyuiop[]]\ ~


tolong lahh!!i really really need my gilagila friends!!wehhh!!korg dgr tak??aku pnggil korg ni!!! :''C


i wish that you will always remember me,,
i wish you were here,,
i wish that i could tell you about this feelings,,
but i know that i cant..

i have to going through,,
every single day ,,
without your smile,,
without your voice,,
without your eyes,,
without your kindness,,
that make me melts every time i saw you..

i know that,,
we are not created for each other,,
i know that,,
we are both not ready yet for this type of things,,
i know that,,
im not good enough for you,,
i know that,,
i do not deserve you,,
and i know that,,
we will not be together,,
but i hope,,
you will get a better person than me,,
because you deserve the best for your life...


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